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Twin Flames and the Storyteller

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017
Twin Flames and the Storyteller

When my twin flame and I came into connection several years ago, I didn't expect that our connection would help me see the connection to myself. This is the most overlooked part of the connection because most of everything you experience in existence in the laws of human condition say to seek outside information. This is our story and we are sticking to it.

Outside Answers for Inner Questions?

When we are searching for answers, we tend to seek outside of us even if those answers don't make any sense to us on the inside. The connection is on the inside, so seeking outside will only lead to outside answers of what this connection is about. How can this be, if what you endured throughout your existence doesn't match what you experienced in your life? It's like the person's information you are gathering is trying to attach itself to your story and what the storyteller is dictating from the content that will match. This connection is there to show you how you are connected to yourself. The storyteller, which is the emotion that comes from the mind's interpretation of feeling or experiencing things that will happen or could happen will take you far, far away. Never-never land sounds just about right because it's never going to be as anyone states unless they are sharing a pain that only ignites your own.

Twin Flames and the Storyteller

We are Born from Pain

How can pain be defined? Pain isn't something that just happens. Pain actually originates within ourselves, which you experienced the moment you came from a womb into the earth's air for the first time and you survived that said pain which was birth in truth. Birth into human consciousness which in those first moments, everyone embraced you while you were in that pain, which was permission for you to embrace yourself as you were birthing. However, as you continue to live and write life's story, any experience you associate with pain becomes the storyteller's content. Your mind told you to dissect these things that happened to you as a survival not to experience pain again which is called hurting or labor pains. Labor pains are then spread out through your lifetime experiencing escape from said pain while the mind makes use of this. Your mind creates identities that can be exposed when you come across a connection that points you back inside yourself and how you connect to yourself.

Twin Flames and the Storyteller

Expose the Storyteller Within You

Yes, it only makes sense that we want someone to be responsible for our pain. After all, when we were born, didn't everyone hold us when we were in pain and now they all seem to be either inflicting it on each other or finding a way to avoid it altogether? The storyteller will create half truths of acceptance of abandonment and rejection as a way to keep you in a state of never exposing the truth about connection. Yes, the storyteller and your own story are permission in the universe to get what you do to yourself directly when this connection comes to you. The only true change can occur when the storyteller is exposed and then union with yourself can occur. The relationship you have to yourself is revealed out of the story in the self when the storyteller is exposed.

Twin Flames and the Storyteller

Already Gone Deep? Go Deeper

Go deep inside, dear souls. The storyteller has no truth that makes you disconnected in this connection, it only points to a place where you are disconnected within yourself. For example, when you tell yourself or put out the energy "I don't love myself" or "I don't like myself very much". When your twin shows up, this will finally be what shows up when your thoughts experience a slip and judgment is exposed of what you have always done to yourself. This will grant permission for the storyteller to convince you that this connection will give you what you think is coming.

Trust Your Intuition

Abracadabra, hocus pocus, this is what this connection feels like yet it is a manifestation of your thinking which is always seeking outside information for inside in order to "keep you protected". Keep you protected from what exactly? Yes, this is where you must discover the storyteller and your story and what it has brought you from what you tell yourself on the inside. Not because you found outside information that says this connection will bring you salvation from outside you, but the true salvation at your source within which you'll experience only your own love within yourself that you can share. No more guessing or believing your lies which the storyteller counts on. This is both seductive and destructive at the same time.

Learn to love your storyteller and your story. Not because the outside world demands it but rather, the inside universe has space for it. Love deeply!

Twin Flames and the Storyteller

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