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Twin Flames….

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017


What is a Twin Flame relationship…

Many of post, many of research have been sent out about the relationship that is beyond the soul mate connection.  This search for wholeness has a beginning and a bigger place of discovery that has to happen inside of the two that find this.. I recently read a post by the Lovejays titled Unconditional Love Part 3-My Conclusion

I read this and realized I didn’t have any of that as a belief system when it comes to what is true inside of me. I respect that this can be known as a phenomena that states all conditions are removed and that you are in a blissful relationship.  This became so far from the truth in our connection I decided to write something that speaks to ones soul as to what this adventure is and what the truth is as it pertains to Unconditional love, soul mates, and twin flames.

If you have conditions you live by within yourself, you will never see the point of this, nor will you ever believe that it is possible to find a relationship that truly is possible to obtain this.


Without making this something that is hard to follow, let’s talk about a mother and son bond….  This bond is cemented in conception the first moments of hearing the heartbeat in an doctors office only give anyone outside the mother the experience that it truly is.  Now for the men that are reading this post; this is where you miss place the true essence of something very magical.  In your human existence here you will only experience one heartbeat inside yourself. You barely recognize this, unless you are fitness nut or you have experienced heart problems, nonetheless you still experience only one heartbeat inside yourself.

Yet your mother has experienced something inside the creation of you, and has the ability to see any human traits that may come from you in awakening, and learning your ego.  This state of identification is something in you that will consume you, and you will never see the point of being able to feel yourself as you once did when you would lay against your mother, and feel her heartbeat, as it comforted you when you were a baby.  Being inside of her was a miraculous event, every moment became more and more of a bond inside the miracle of your birth unconditionally.

You see as your grew inside of her, it was always a place of connection to her, and what she was experiencing that had a heartbeat all to it’s self. As she felt you, she fell deeper in love with you she had no thought process of this, only felt inside of her new and deeply felt.  This had no conditions placed on it.  So even after you were no longer connected inside her, you always will be regardless of what anyone can tell you.  As you age you became more and more dominant in the mind, and less dominant about where you came from.  This is no different for anyone on the planet, yet something more was supposed to be cemented in this connection.

If you absorb what I am saying here, it doesn’t require your belief if you still have your mother present in your existence here….. ask her.  She will tell you what it feels like, most can’t find the words of what it means to have another heartbeat inside you and how it changes how you feel in everything you do.

For those that followed what I am telling you here, it is no secret how to call to something that you were born with.  You see it isn’t about the material world that surrounds you, it is about the wealth of love inside you, that you feel that keeps you to yourself.

Now… How does this relate to twin flame relationship?  Your twin has a unique trait be it a man or a woman they are your connected mate without the relationship I just described..  You can feel their heartbeat inside of your own, when your mind is empty and they can experience the places inside you that you experience.  It doesn’t matter distance, it doesn’t matter male to female you can be the same sex. It really doesn’t matter how tragic your life has been or if you are good or evil.  It is vital that you understand that love is unconditional to include this known fact that no one will ever be able to tell you about the way I am here.

star room

So what I am saying is this..  Unconditional love requires no conditions being met to give the love you have to another.  This is only possible when you give it to yourself.  Some struggle still, the more conditions you wish to change about you, the further apart you will be from this very thing.  An example: I meditate yet I can’t see anything when my eyes are closed.  Waiting for an expectation is a condition is it not?

A soul mate, this person is someone who can be with you and love you greatly. You are compatible with each other. You connect as close as you allow yourself to be and feel moments of both excitement and elevated places inside you.  You are able to meet each others needs and wants on levels you haven’t experienced before nor will you feel you will ever in your time here.  Yet something still inside you finds that you have no concept of soul, as you only have read what it is or have not seen it become something beyond the human being experience from the mind.

A twin flame… this experience calls to you from the inside, you will start to see that you want to be the best you that you can give to them.  So you start to see clearly the conditions you have placed on yourself and others. Healing past things in you that pattered out your existence here.  You also start to purge yourself of things that have killed your beliefs, your right to be right, your hidden places inside you now start to become your places of coming out to experience.  You will feel a vibrational feeling with the other no matter the distance. You will be able to go into each others dreams and be able to see this existence through their eyes when you have released any conditions on yourself to see through your own.  It continues to get stronger, as it does you will be able to experience the same bond that is felt in your coming here beyond what you shared with your mother yet similar in what is felt within.  You will be able to feel the others heartbeat inside your own.  If they stub their toe you will feel a sharp pain in yours.  If they are listening to music you will instantly hear a song play in your head. You will be able to close your eyes when you are not with them to kiss them and they will feel it even if they are not on the same planet.  If you are thinking about something painful the other will become agitated if you keep doing so. If you are in denial of something they will become in denial to.  You can simply push them away from you by non belief in yourself, non belief in this connection comes from them and you. You both can keep each other from each other.  Yet if you change the polarity of your beliefs know this is possible and the possibilities are endless.  Your twin could be the most unfeeling person if you have too much feeling you balance everything to include this belief.

This may sound impossible.. yet the possibilities are endless… I can’t tell you I found this by reading something.  I can only tell you this because I am in one.  I share in everything with her, and I mean everything. I get to share her cycle believe it or not. Don’t need to get into the details and I have been checked by a doctor with no medical reasons why I am bleeding I just do when she does.  I am not here to say anything to you that will make you believe otherwise.  I am however here to tell you that you do have a connection that is solid just as you did when you came here into the human existence. You share this with someone who comes closer to you as you seek inside yourself to find the answers inside yourself.  The more you share with this person when you meet the more time you place in it to stop time to realize time has no place there.

How you decide to experience this can be more than you using your mind within a relationship, you can find this inside of you by knowing you are more beyond your mind.  The feeling of feeling another’s heartbeat inside of you is an incredible feeling and it is supernatural and it doesn’t require you to believe or find a condition that it is ask any woman who has had a child growing inside of them.  It requires your ability to see no conditions right through to your core.  Another can see inside of there and experience everything with you.  They will not be able to judge you, they will not be able to deny how they feel about you.  The attraction you share with each other is timeless.   This will bring you truths.. such as why when someone gets cancer never smoking a day in their existence yet, they get it terminally never realizing that it is because their twin has passed on and becoming a rotting corpse and are now ready for them to join them through the open door.

You see I don’t have the ability to make anything up.. these truths are inside of you… Just as they are me!  It takes only a moment to realize what you are is not within the confines of the mind. You came from a heartbeat connecting with another and you went through an open door sometimes only half of you makes it through, the other follows when it gets the chance. It is not a matter of time… it is a matter to will it to believe it.


I can imagine this will have it’s skeptics but the freedom I have within this connection doesn’t require anyones skeptical mind that still states I am alone inside here and will continue to do so, including someone else’s beliefs.  I am simply stating that it is so far from the truth that you will keep yourself from the greatest love within you, to share with the other who is as much you as you are yourself.

The only time you know there is a mirror is when you experience it to see it for what it is….  Why else do mirrors exist?  If you truly want to heal those places in you we can help.  Ask us anything we are here to share what we are, not by knowing it all.. but by KNOWING.  Huge difference in what I said there one has ego the other doesn’t.

Hope this touched you somewhere inside to reach to.


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