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Are You Connected?

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

Are you connected?We are Lee and Sherry Patterson .... career, life, relationship, and spiritual coaches with a very unique and deep experience of coaching.

Founded in 2011, Relationship Reinvented was created to show you all the magic you possess as a human being. It is with great passion that we can teach you to challenge, without judgment, what you tell yourself and change your life through present moment awareness.

We coach you into the relationship you have with yourself. This is done by listening to you at the deepest level to see where you could be abandoning, rejecting, or keeping yourself running in circles.

Offering everything in coaching from marital issues to ... "parentless prevention" to ... abandonment to ... rejection to ... addiction coaching to ... interview coaching for that career of your dreams ... in dynamic ways we've changed the lives of each soul having a human experience that we've worked with.

Every individual has a unique story and a specific purpose that sometimes can be elusive because of life's unexplainable events. We understand this. Known as "Twin Flames" Lee and Sherry on YouTube, by watching the "Our Journey" series of videos, you'll begin to understand that regardless of the specifics of each of our life stories, the basis of a fulfilling life starts with self.

In addition to working one-on-one with clients, we also offer a coaching certification program with all of our coaches trained to our high standards. "Specialty" coaches are available for every need you may have. Rest assured, anything you discuss with any coach at Relationship Reinvented is held with the utmost confidentiality.

If you are not sure if this direct experience in coaching is for you, you can reach out to find out what a Relationship Reinvented coaching session is like. For a free 30 minute session with one of our coaches, contact us.

In the meantime, we are developing new exciting ways to interact with us on multiple platforms. Stay Tuned.

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