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By Leonied
H: Grit and determination. Matter of fact. That is you. At school things are great and you are enjoying yourself immensely. Just like before, you are greeted by so many kids and people on the way to and from school, though you don't seem to know who half of them are. You are such a character.
L: You funny little peg collector. You whack the peg basket with a pole until they all fall out and then line them up on the stick. It takes alot of concentration and care - a very precise operation and one that is amusing to watch. You have been practicing more writing and clearly enjoy having this knowledge and skill.
A: Tired girl, hanging out in a tree. We are looking forward to this week before half term break. Lots happening at school and you are so excited. Last week we had gotten some more Rainbow Magic books out from the library and you were pretty much lost to us until you had finished reading them all. You cannot stop! I love watching your system though - first you read the books that are for "your sisters" but for sharing, before you move on to "your" ones. All the books will be read! In record time!
L xx

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