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By Agadd @ashleegadd

So, today is my birthday. I am officially twenty-six.

Normally on my birthday I get all self-reflective and do some soul searching and think about everything I’ve learned the previous year. But today, I feel different. I don’t feel like being reflective today. Today, I feel like being present. Time is flying by in a way I didn’t know was possible. The due date countdown is all consuming on most days….life is changing, and it’s changing fast.

So today, I’m just focusing on today. The JOY of today. After all, it’s my birthday! And it’s not raining, which is basically a birthday miracle. Today is for breakfast in bed, laziness on the couch, lunch with my sweet friend Lesley, and a romantic dinner with Brett.

As I sit in bed typing this, I can look to my left and see a brand new bassinet, just aching to be slept in. I’m propped up against two pillows, watching the top of my belly twitch with every baby kick, listening to Brett make breakfast downstairs. The morning sun is just barely shining through the blinds illuminating our bedroom, and I can hear birds faintly chirping outside the window.

There is nowhere else I’d rather be than right here, right now, completely and wholeheartedly content in this moment.

Yes, today is for being present, and also for being thankful. I am so, so incredibly thankful for this perfect life growing inside of me. I’m thankful for a supportive husband, loyal friends, and a family who is already spoiling our son.

Life is good.

God is good.


Bring it on 26. I’m ready for you.

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