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By Leonied
H: Happy Birthday precious girl! You loved your pressies and we all had an absolutely fantastic day at Legoland. So. Much. Fun. It was a surprise for all of you and your reactions were the best. A lovely day for our lovely girl. One of your gifts was an orange football - "my wish has come true!" you exclaimed. Cannot believe you are 6! You got another certificate at school during the week for great work in maths. We love you to bits xx
L: You are too funny. Using your badge as your camera here - click click click! We were so impressed with how brave you were on some of the rides and you were dead keen to be part of every thing. And we were so delighted with how kind and generous you were with the birthday girl. Definitely growing up and maturing in so many ways. You are a bit of a joker and will make things up or tell wild stories just to get a kick out of the response. They are rather funny. We let you all make a wish by trowing a penny into the water. To the amuzement of everyone around you yelled out your wish: "I wish I was a Mermaid!"
A: The next wiggly tooth came out. Three teeth all in a row, in three weeks. That grin, that face... heart melt. So expressive and so happy. Your face and your nature over the weekend was priceless - so sweet, gentle, kind, and loving every single moment. I love how you love and care for others. This morning you appeared with H, holding her hand and holding her close as you informed me she wasn't feeling well. She was ok of course but your lovely nature immediately wanted to look after her - I have many such memories of you. After seeing some dear close friends who were visiting briefly, you were really upset about missing them when we finally had to go home. We so love your gentle soul.
L xx

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