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Twenty Bucks More Fun

By Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
Yesterday, I received an email: "Congratulations, you completed all qualifying transactions on your Card... Thank you for dining out three or more times during NYC Restaurant Week, now enjoy your $20 statement credit..." I can't even tell you how happy it made me. I'm obviously easily thrilled.twenty bucks more funThis past Restaurant Week (Winter 2012), American Express partnered with the city to offer a twenty dollar incentive to diners. It's true, I didn't have to participate; I could have very easily avoided dining out at the limited number of participating restaurants (like this one and this one), but I like free money as much as anyone... and it's tough to resist a three-course dinner for $35, sometimes with a signature cocktail included, at eateries that are otherwise out of my budget.twenty bucks more funOn Friday, February 10th, the very last day and meal of Restaurant Week, my roommate and I met a friend for a celebratory dinner at Maya. This modern Mexican cuisine & tequila bar is located nearby our apartment and is accurately self-described as "carefully crafted, yet bold flavored." To start, Catherine had a margarita, I had a glass of Syrah, Walter had a beer. Then, we feasted:twenty bucks more fun[Entradas: Guacamole, Ensalada de Papaya, Empañada de Camarón]twenty bucks more fun[Entradas: Tostadas de Atún]twenty bucks more fun[Platos Fuertes: Crepas de Huitlacoche]twenty bucks more fun[Entrada as Puerto Fuerte: Tacos de Entraña]twenty bucks more fun[Postres: Churros (above), Chocoflan (below)]twenty bucks more funYes, it was quite the meal. And even though we didn't all abide by the Restaurant Week guidelines, it was still delicious and not at all astronomically expensive. Every now and again, splurges (both financially and nutritionally) are worth it. Especially when you walk away with a whole twenty bucks a month afterwards ;).

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