Self Expression Magazine

Twelve Questions Day.

By Isiswin @Isis_Win

Is China really communist or capitalist?

Are liberal minds and plattforms really only about change, moving forward?

Are conservative minds and plattforms really only about tradition and keeping the country as known?

Is marriage about the institutional principles more than what one may think, believe and prefer?

Should non threatening drugs be legislated, approved and taxed?

Should all illiegal emigrants be kicked out of the country or penalized and legalized?

Should our country be a one country instead of many different ones?

Shall we kick out of government those that don’t comply with EVERYONES wishes?

Should the big corporations remain tax free and invest their earnings abroad?

Do we still are in the middle of a recession and we never pulled out of it?

Should the opinion of others matters to everyone?

Is the country where we want it to be and the Fathers of the Nation envisioned?

Questions that are worth a respone but better, if they are addressed.

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