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By Maggiemcneill @Maggie_McNeill

April 19, 2021 by Maggie McNeill

Another collection of bits from Twitter:

You absolutely have the right to tweet, "my race is morally superior to other races because REASONS".

And I absolutely have the right to mute your racist ass.

- Maggie McNeill (@Maggie_McNeill) April 6, 2021

So this means you support the decriminalization of sex work, right?

Oops, no. So in other words, you're full of shit and this is nothing but childish babble.

- Maggie McNeill (@Maggie_McNeill) April 9, 2021

The foolproof solution to 90% of what politicians, busybodies & journalists call "crises" is both simple and cheap:

Mind your own business.

- Maggie McNeill (@Maggie_McNeill) April 10, 2021

When authoritarians think the boot might be removed from their anuses, they'll forcibly jam themselves backward to drive it in deeper.

- Maggie McNeill (@Maggie_McNeill) April 10, 2021

As dictatrix, another of my Day One acts would be to ban bills bearing propagandistic names. No names of dead kids, no BS acronyms that amount to a statement of political agenda. Either the sponsor's name ("The Smith Act") or an objective description ("2021 Highway Bill").

- Maggie McNeill (@Maggie_McNeill) April 10, 2021

Worrying about what is "funded" by the taxes government extracts from you is as pointess as worrying about what robbers do with the money they steal from you at gunpoint. It's not under your control, not even a little bit.

- Maggie McNeill (@Maggie_McNeill) April 12, 2021

Everytime you say, "There oughta be a law", you're actually saying, "I wish armed thugs were roaming around using this as an excuse to murder people." Because ALL laws are "enforced" via the implied threat of death:

- Maggie McNeill (@Maggie_McNeill) April 13, 2021

Even though I've known it since I was a teenager, I'm still often dumbstruck by the arrant and willful stupidity of collectivists.

- Maggie McNeill (@Maggie_McNeill) April 13, 2021

The urge to reply to a single tweet without knowing ANYthing about the author's body of work must be a kind of reflex. Like vomiting.

- Maggie McNeill (@Maggie_McNeill) April 13, 2021

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