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In the News (#1175)

By Maggiemcneill @Maggie_McNeill

September 29, 2021 by Maggie McNeill

Authoritarian regimes are able to reach across borders much more effectively than they could in the past. - Ronald Deibert

The Pro-Rape Coalition (#1024) In the News (#1175)In the News (#1175)

A natural 21st-century development for the brand:

Playboy announced...the launch of premium fan site Centerfold...expected to roll out in the coming months. Centerfold will "build upon our long history of passing the mic to the most revolutionary voices of our day. And true to our heritage, we will amplify their messages even further through digital covers, feature stories, interviews and, of course, striking and sensual pictorials...We will also arm our creators with access to content production, merchandise capabilities, blockchain integration and more"...

Even prohibitionists like Holmes can tell which way the wind is blowing:

...a Seattle Municipal Court Judge approved a motion by Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes to quash all outstanding warrants for misdemeanor prostitution, including some issued well over a decade ago...The City Attorney's Office hasn't prosecuted anyone for selling sex since 2019, when the Seattle Police Department ramped up arrests and sting operations targeting both sex workers and [client]s in response to...pressure [from idiots who thought sex work would magically vanish after]...the federal shutdown of Backpage...

Predictable Consequences (#1134)

Prohibitionism is an inherently violent belief system:

The FBI arrested a Michigan man [last] Monday fo[r]...threats of violence...against telecommunications companies, which the man had blamed for "broadcasting pornography, cursing and immoral content." Federal prosecutors charged John Douglas Allen...with "extortion and attempting to destroy a building"...Th[reat] letters were sent from a supposed "Coalition for Moral Telecommunication (CMT)" and addressed to several companies, including AT&T and Verizon. The letters [threatened the imaginary group would] "begin distroying [ sic] inner city tower communication"...unless several demands were followed...includ[ing] a $5 million payment and [total censorship of]..."immoral content"...

They should've done this years ago:

A trade organization for the adult entertainment industry has hired a D.C. lobbying firm to build its relationships with [politicians]...on behalf of...the industry. Most notably it is trying to beat back major changes to Section 230...[which] is key to its ability to exist. The same law that protects Instagram and YouTube from being sued over illegal content posted by its users...also protects sites like PornHub and OnlyFans...But [a majority of politicians] of both parties...have...[only been stopped from] strip[ping]...that protection away [by their inability to agree on what should be censored and who exactly should control Americans' thoughts and speech]. The Free Speech Coalition...has enlisted two lobbyists at Clarity Consulting...Keith Nelson...and...Shawn Delaney...So far, [Nelson] has been meeting with [politicians] and their [lackeys] to address..."a huge vacuum of information" about the adult entertainment industry...

For the umpteen thousandth time: the bipartisan drive to censor the internet is not "Trump-fueled", didn't begin with Trump, and is being ramped up by Biden, who has repeatedly stated that he wants Section 230 repealed. But I guess partisanism trumps facts in the modern yellow press.

Above the Law (1142) In the News (#1175)In the News (#1175)

A prosecutor is just a kind of cop:

...a tough-on-crime prosecutor...[named] Jeffrey Lynn Thomas...[raped a] a professional capacity...[who] had for years rebuffed his persistent sexual advances...he...walked into the woman's home with an armload of beer cans and...refused [to leave]...After she slapped him, Thomas hit her in the face and gave her a nosebleed...[then] raped [and throttled] her...Thomas finally left...after the woman promised him she wouldn't report him to the police...She reported the rape to Pennsylvania State Police on [September 20th]...

Worst of all, Western governments are looking at this as a model:

Once Dan arrived in Canada and began adjusting to a new city and a new university, he continued to browse Twitter in his dorm room...He retweeted only three posts: the news that Nobel laureate and Chinese democracy advocate Liu Xiaobo had died, a short satirical video about...Xi Jinping, and a chart on levels of Chinese government corruption. With only two followers, he wasn't making a splash - but...then his father called him out of the blue, clearly disturbed. "Son, did you say something about the Chinese government on the internet? The public security bureau called us twice"...Soon after...a [Chinese cop] contacted him on the WeChat social media app...[even though] Dan hadn't accepted a new friend request..."The police told me the Ministry of Public Security...tracked me by my IP address and knows where I live in Canada. They have evidence the Twitter account belongs to me"...the [cop] ordered Dan to immediately delete the offensive posts [or] "You will face trouble." "Trouble" is a well-known euphemism in China for state persecution. It can range from repeated visits and phone calls all the way arrest [of relatives still in China]...

To Molest and Rape (#1172) In the News (#1175)In the News (#1175)

Notice how often predatory cops' victims are underage?

Prosecutors...charged St. Louis [cop] Mark West with three counts of...molest[ing children]...younger than 12...[and] asked for a $100,000 bail "due to the number and serious nature of the offenses and because the defendant constitutes a threat to the victim and other children he may encounter"...

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