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Twas the Friday Before Christmas

Posted on the 23 December 2011 by Phil's Stock World @philstockworld

Don’t we all have something better to do than watch the markets today?

I’m embarrassed for all of us.  Even the crooks at the NYMEX are going home at 1:30 this afternoon, sacrificing an entire hour of losing money to us to be with their strippers.  That’s right we OWNED those people yesterday, hitting play after play after play on the oil Futures, all based on our very simple premise that – If the crooks at the NYMEX want to pretend they want to buy a barrel of oil for $100 – we are very happy to promise to sell it to them!  

Over and over they pretend to want to buy oil at or near $100 and over and over, as soon as we (real people) actually start accepting their offers – they quickly dry up and retreat – over and over and over again.  

This is how you beat the scam artists, call them at their game.  

At 3am this morning, they jammed oil up to $100.23 and at 3:51, in Member Chat, we were able to jump in and short the oil Futures (/CL) at $100 and by 5:30 we were out at $99.60.  That may not seem like a lot but, at $10 per penny per contract – it buys a lot of Egg McMuffins! 

As I’m writing this (7:35) we just caught another run up to $100 and already it’s back to $99.66 on fake, Fake, FAKE trading.  Yes, ALL THE TIME they are faking it.  ALL THE TIME.  It’s a SCAM – Oil trading is a scam, a lie, a con – and it’s played on the American people every single day and no one does a thing to stop them (except us).  

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