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Posted on the 04 April 2013 by Bittersweet1975 @onceupon_fans

I about died when I saw the beautiful Tom Ellis (The Fades, Merlin) in the Once Upon a Timepromo. Do you have any scoop on his Robin Hood character? –Sandi
While Adam Horowitz says that Ellis is “amazing” in the role and Eddy Kitsis teases that he figures into “a very fun scene with Rumple,” the series’ creators stress that the Rumple/Belle-centric episode (airing April 21) will not delve into the Prince of Theives’ backstory. “It’s done in the spirit of what we did a lot in Season 1 — bringing in a character and mashing him up with our story without having to do ‘the Robin Hood story,’” says Kitsis. “But now there is a character in our universe who, should the time arise, we would love to delve into further.”

We were given a hint about a connection between Once Upon a Time’s Neal and Hook in Neverland. Do you have any scoop about what their history might be? – Stef
I kinda sorta do, and I share it in the next episode of Spoiler Alert! But until that goes live, I can share that the dots will be connected in this season’s penultimate episode, “Second Star to the Right.”

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