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TVLine’s 6 Tantalizing True Blood Season 5 Scoops

Posted on the 17 January 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover revealed 6 spoilers from True Blood Season 5 earlier today! It seems once the stars from True Blood got a little bit inebriated at the Golden Globes after-party, they spilled their guts…in their own “I’ll get in trouble if I reveal more than this” kind of way.

They call them, ‘tantalizing’…we call them ‘tranquilizing’ – as in, give me a shot now, so I can wake up after the entire season is over.

We’re not sure how you’re going to feel about them…okay, we know there’s one in particular you won’t like. You better brace yourself now or have an alcoholic beverage handy. You’re going to need it.

TVLine’s 6 Tantalizing True Blood Season 5 Scoops

WARNING: For those who don’t want to know – please don’t read below!

TVLine’s 6 Tantalizing True Blood Season 5 Scoops

This is what was revealed over at TVLine…again, brace yourself and have that first drink!

1 | Janina Gavankar revealed that “a major thing happens to Luna early in the season, and it’s going to change her life forever.”

2 | The cast learned that Chris Meloni was Bon Temps-bound last month at a table read, news that elicited “gasps” throughout the room, recalled Gavankar. “We’re so excited to have him.”

3 | Alcide’s days of playing Mr. Nice Guy are over. “As you saw at the end of Season 4, he’s not taking anyone’s s— anymore,” said the man-beast’s portrayer, Joe Manganiello. “Now you’re going to see an Alcide who’s going to slam you up against the wall and do his thing. Who doesn’t like being slammed up against the wall, right?” Asked to clarify his use of the word “slam” — i.e. is it a euphemism for, ahem, another s-word — Manganiello cracked a devilish smile and replied, “It could be a fun slam. And it could be an angry slam. You never know?” He then reminded us that, “Alcide is single.”

4 | The latest True Blood script Manganiello read contains “some really fun [Alcide-Sookie] stuff,” he revealed. “Stuff that makes you really nervous… I’m watching my words really carefully.”

5 | Ryan Kwanten hinted that Jason may have bitten off more than he could chew with regard to his romance with Jessica. “As you know, anyone who gets involved with Jason better have her wits about her,” he said. “But I think in this case, it’s Jason who better watch out. The tables have finally turned.”

6 | Where do you go after spending half of Season 4 being raped by a werepanther? “Even that can be topped,” teased Kwanten. “Jason was very lucky to survive; he was down for the count. He has a desire to life. I admire that in a man.”

These are my first thoughts on these spoilers, in the order they were posted.

  1. Not sure what’s going to happen to Luna and I honestly don’t care. Next!
  2. They’re not the only ones excited that Chris Meloni is joining the cast! We are too! We only hope that his storyline doesn’t suck.
  3. I hope to God, the “slammed up against the wall” is something violent and nothing to do with that other S word. And if it IS the other S word…Sookie BETTER not be involved with that sh_t! Wait…there’s another S word!
  4. “Fun with Alcide and Sookie.” Sounds completely boring to me. JOY. This is the part where we need that tranquilizer STAT!
  5. It sounds like Jessica is going to be the one woman who treats Jason like he’s treated every other woman in his past relationships in his life. I hope he can learn from this.
  6. Oh great…another storyline that is dropped as soon as it begins, with no ramifications either. I can’t imagine what could top Jason being gang-raped, but I’m positive it will send just as bad as message as the previous one did.

Those are my thoughts, what about yours? Feel free to share them below!


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