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TV Guide Talks to Departing Alan Ball On True Blood Season 6

Posted on the 31 August 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

TV Guide Talks to Departing Alan Ball On True Blood Season 6

Even though we’re still trying to get over those nasty fangovers from the end of True Blood Season 5, there’s already talk about what’s in store for us in Season 6!

TV Guide recently sat down and talked with the departing Alan Ball about what they are planning for True Blood Season 6.

In this interview, he revealed a number of startling things. We thought you might find what he had to say very, very interesting!

WARNING: This may contain mild spoilers…please read at your own risk!

TV Guide Talks to Departing Alan Ball On True Blood Season 6

These are just a few highlights from the interview.

TV Guide Magazine: Much of last year, and particularly the finale, really severed the connection to Charlaine Harris’ books.
Ball: It’s something organic that happens. You can’t just transcribe the books. That said, there’s some stuff in the later books that I think later seasons of the show will address. But we did go on our own little path this year.

TV Guide Magazine: Let’s answer some burning questions left by the finale. First, what the heck is Bill or “Bilith” as some call him? An evil god? A demon?
Ball: We don’t know! Honestly, we didn’t know what Lilith was. Just because the fundamentalists called her “God,” that doesn’t mean she was. On our show, there’s room for all kinds of supernatural creatures. We do know that Bill had some kind of major transformation into a deeper supernatural being. The question for me is has he lost his humanity entirely or will it just have to fight harder to come out. That’s certainly something that the writers are talking about for next year.

TV Guide Magazine: Will Sookie fight to rescue Bill?
Ball: It could be that or it could also be that Sookie is trying to save herself from him.

TV Guide Magazine: Season 5 had a lot more gore than lust. Lots of fans missed the Bill, Sookie and Eric triangle. Will we see that again?
Ball: I don’t think that that central triangle has gone away. Anna [Paquin] was like ‘I’ve played three seasons of falling in love with people.” I agreed and found her something different to do. But right now we don’t know how Sookie feels about vampires. The fairy elder said, “There’s a reason you give your heart out to every fangster you meet.” That’s going to be very interesting to find out why.

TV Guide Magazine: That sounds like it has to do with Warlow, the unseen vampire who killed Sookie and Jason’s parents and “owns” Sookie? Jason’s off to kill him, so will we meet him soon?
Ball: We will definitely see Warlow. Whether or not we have met him already, I will remain mom. There will also be some other characters maybe who we know and love who are pursuing a less than generous agenda.

TV Guide Magazine: Does all that leave the door open for non-bloodsucker love for Sookie?
Ball: Even though it looks like Alcide and Sookie may have cooled things off, I’m not so sure that he’s totally dropped the torch that he carries for her.

TV Guide Magazine: How did Eric manage to kill the much older and strong Russell Edgington?
Ball: Russell was so crazed with fairy blood lust that he wasn’t paying attention. That’s how Eric could stake him.

TV Guide Talks to Departing Alan Ball On True Blood Season 6
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TV Guide Magazine: Was it always going to be Eric who killed Russell?
Ball: There was a moment at some point when we were pitching that somebody else would kill Russell, but it just really felt that it should belong to Eric, because Russell killed his mortal family.

TV Guide Magazine: Will Anna be back full time right away after the birth of her twins in November?
Ball:  She is. We’re moving production to January to accommodate her. And there will only be 10 shows next season partly because of Anna and partly because of the economics

TV Guide Magazine: Do you have a series ending in mind yet?
Ball: We talked about one in the writers’ room this season. We definitely have some ideas.

TV Guide Magazine: Even if you’re not running the show, will you come back for the series finale?
Ball: I will. I just needed to take some time off just to recharge my batteries.

TV Guide Magazine: Any last thoughts for your fans?
Ball: It’s still True Blood. People tend to say, “Alan writes everything,” butit’s always been a big collaboration. I am personally very excited to see where the show’s going to go and I hope fans feel the same way.

If you would like to read the entire interview, please click here.

Hmmm…so much to digest!

  1.  10 episodes instead of 12?  I wonder what he means by “economics”?
  2. Sookie will be worried about saving herself FROM Bill, instead of SAVING BILL? I’m lovin’ it!
  3. Notice how it says that Alcide still carries a torch for Sookie and there’s NO MENTION of how Sookie feels for him? Tell me if you agree, it sounds completely one-sided!
  4. Eric HAD to kill Russell? Me likey! Yes, Eric deserved to do the killing. Russell killed his own family. Justice is served.
  5. Glad he’s giving Anna a chance to spend some time with the babies after they’re born. :)

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