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TV Guide Interviews True Blood’s Sexy Beasts

Posted on the 12 July 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

TV Guide Interviews True Blood’s Sexy Beasts

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers!

Look who’s on the cover of TV Guide!

TV Guide Interviews True Blood’s Sexy BeastsTV Guide sat down with the sexy men of True Blood and Alan Ball to talk about Season 4 and what it means for Sookie and the men on the show.

Warning: This may contain spoilers for those wanting to be surprised!

This is what Alan Ball had to say about Eric & Sookie…

What’s next? “There’s some fun stuff with Sookie and her men coming down the pike,” promises Ball. “The discovery that Sookie is still alive throws Alcide’s world into turmoil.” As for Eric and our favorite telepathic waitress, fans of Charlaine Harris’ books won’t be disappointed. “The spell has created an Eric that never would have existed before, and that is the person Sookie is falling for. They’re both genuinely falling in love.” And where does that leave Bill? “He doesn’t like it one bit,” says Ball. “But eventually the clash between the witches and vampires is going to bring everyone together.”

Here are some of the highlights from the interview!

TV GUIDE MAGAZINE: What’s it like to play your characters now that they’re in such different circumstances this season?
Bill had to let Sookie go. And in doing so, he’s become a better man and a better king. It’s been great as an actor having that sort of guiding light for him.
JOE: Alcide is wrestling with that beast inside him. I like moments where that thing inside him that he’s so afraid of is also this place of great strength.
ALEX: I love Eric’s vulnerability. But it’s tricky because even though he doesn’t know who he is, you can’t play it too flat. You can’t chop off his balls. Then there’s his inner struggle. If they break the spell, then Eric finds out about all the things he’s done in the past and who he really is, and that scares him. He’s like, “Hey, I’m kind of happy in this little house with Sookie.”
STEPHEN: Eric and Sookie are the tipping point of this season. The best stuff that’s in the show is their stuff.

That’s great that Stephen thinks the Eric/Sookie storyline is the best this season! Doesn’t that give you some hope?

TV Guide Interviews True Blood’s Sexy Beasts

TV GUIDE MAGAZINE: So fans are finally going to see them together! Has it been awkward for you, Stephen, since Anna’s your wife?
STEPHEN: It could have been really difficult, but it’s about being professional. And we all really like each other. It’s tougher for Anna because she’s having to show emotion with somebody else, and it’s been the same people on our crew since she and I got together when the show first started.
ALEX: If it was awkward for us, that would spread to the crew. They see us being so relaxed with each other and it’s so obvious when the camera is rolling and when it’s not, you know? And Anna’s great. She’s a very generous actress, very professional. In fact, we shot a scene the other night and it was one of those where…
STEPHEN: It will get people talking!

Where…WHAT?? :shock: WTF – did Stephen have to interrupt Alex, when he was about to reveal something really juicy? DAMN!

You should really read this interview…the guys are a riot!  :lol:   You can read the entire thing here!

This issue goes on sale July 14th – so make sure to get your own copy that day!

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