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T.V, Beer and Cigarette.

By Atulsharmasharma
T.V, Beer and Cigarette.
There are three persons who got punishment from God. God told them that they have to go to the grave for one year. He gave them permission to ask anything they want for that one year.
The first one said: "I would like to have a T.V."
God granted his wish.
The second one said: "I want a glass of beer that'll be enough for one year. When I drink it, it'll be full again."
God granted his wish too.
The third one was a smoker and said: "I want a cigarette."
God granted his wish too.
After one year the grave got open and the first person came out. People asked him how it was, he said: "Has one year passed already ?" The second one said: "I want to go back, I don't want to come out."
When the third person came out people asked him how his journey was. He said: "Does anybody have a lighter?"

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