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Tutorial on How to Draw Cartoon Exressions

By Karl @cartoonistdiary
It's been such a long time since I did a tutorial for YouTube. I've always loved doodling, and filming myself doing it seemed a natural progression.
As of late, and particularly on this blog, I've been looking to show as many of you that are interested in the tricks of the trade, little tutorials on how they are done.

Eventually I hope to be able to film a professional DVD and put it up for sale in my store. But for now, you can enjoy it all for free.
Like I've said, I want to teach as many people who want to know, how to draw cartoons. I want to lift up the veil of confusion that people feel when they see a finished cartoon and say to themselves, 'How did they do that ?', by, quite simply, breaking the whole process down into its constituent stages.
Drawing cartoons is no more confusing than learning any other trade; if you follow the simple steps I give, and practice, you will be able to draw cartoons. How proficient you become at it will rely largely on how much practice you are willing to put into it.
Today's YouTube tutorial deals with the human face and how to produce simple expressions. I start by showing you how, by dividing a sketched circle, you will always accurately be able to place the faces' composite features in the right place every time and therefore have facial continuity in your characters.
The YouTube videos will go from teaching basics to more advanced lessons, so whether you're an absolute beginner or a talented amateur, there will hopefully be something for you all.
Oh, and for those of you who just want to learn how to draw well known characters to impress your friends, I'll be doing 'How To' tutorials on a lot of these to. So stay tuned, there really is so much about to happen on this blog and if you're a lover of cartoons, silly tales, tutorials, gag strips and great deals, then sign up for the email alerts and don't miss a single post.
And finally, don't forget to come back tomorrow, and the next eight days, as I serialise a short story from my Castle Comics comic book, available for only £4.99 from my store.

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