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Tuesday Tokyo Take-down Trepidation

Posted on the 31 January 2012 by Phil's Stock World @philstockworld

Or, more accurately, I've seen myself on TV before predicting intervention by the Bank of Japan as the Dollar fell to these lows (131 to the Dollar) against the Yen, to the point where it began to impact the earnings of Japanese export corporations and forced Japan's Central Bank to take action to boost the Dollar and weaken the Yen, which has the unfortunate side effect of tanking the markets.  

They did this on August 4th (link above) when I predicted the 20% correction on the button (down to 1,100) and again on October 29th, when we cashed out our White Christmas Portfolio after catching the run from 1,100 all the way back to 1,292 (17.5%) and once again nailed the Yentervention, that came just 2 days later and sent the markets plunging back to 1,158 into the Holiday. 

Since Thanksgiving, we have gone all the way back to 1,333 – and that's 15% up from pre-Thanksgiving and 24% up from the October low at 1,074 and almost exactly 100% up from the S&P low of March, 2009 at 666.79.  666, as we know, is the mark of the Blankfein, so we take our numerology seriously at PSW – hallowed be Lloyd's name!



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