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Tuesday Tip: The Secret to Smooth, Long-Lasting Lip Color

By Janehspark

Each Tuesday I bring you one of my best insider beauty and fashion tips that any busy woman can actually execute in the comfort of her own home.  I especially love effective tips that can be efficiently incorporated into my morning routine with no additional purchases – so this one is one of my favorites.

Did you know you can use your toothbrush to exfoliate your lips, quickly sloughing off all the dry flyaway pieces that snag your lip stick and make your lips look like moonscape?  For bonus points, wipe face primer over your lips before you apply lipstick.  For uber bonus points, remember to apply the lipstick! 

DISCLAIMER:  although buying lip, eye and face primer is a bit much unless you are a day-to-night working drag queen, I know first hand that using face primer can make a huge difference to making sure everything stays PUT.  And wiping a little over lips before lipstick ensures a smooth as silk finish that lasts and lasts.

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