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Tuesday Tip: The Magic of Our Crystal Nail File

By Janehspark

Tuesday Tip:  The magic of our crystal nail file

One of my favorite baby gifts (I give it all the time!) is our Julep Crystal Nail File.

And not JUST because I’m committed to encouraging budding manicuristas.  Our crystal nail file is the gentlest way to file and shape your nails.  It’s perfect for babies, who are so squirmy that nail clipping can end up being a bloodsport.   Just ask my niece Zoey, who is one satisified customer – watch the video below.  And so’s her mom!

Using a crystal file also reduces fraying becasue the grit is so fine that it’s incredibly gentle and leaves the edges of your nails smoothed, less open to water damage.  If you have splitting or peeling nails, you should ALWAYS use a crystal nail file.

Although we always recommend filing only in one direction, because most of us lead busy lives, my shortcut is to clip or file in both directions until I’m happy with the length and shape.  Then I finish by filing in just one direction – smoothing over the edge of the nail with 4-5 strokes.  Stronger nails with longer lasting polish – voila!

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