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Tuesday Tip: Our New “Pippa” Will Make Your Rear Look Fabulous

By Janehspark

Tuesday Tip:  Our new “Pippa” will make your rear look fabulous

Okay, not really.  But it’s ALMOST that transformative.  Our new Pippa Julep Nail Vernis is the neutral that Kate has always been waiting for.  A creamy camel, so elegant and hip and sporty and sexy all at the same time.  Upstages without even meaning to, caring or noticing.

So I try really hard not to use my blog as an advertising vehicle for Julep products – but I couldn’t restrain myself this time!  If you’re used to sheer neutrals, you’ve GOT to try Pippa.  It’s a whole new take on neutral.  Reminds me of sexy patent camel pumps.  Never mind more polished, I feel positively quasi-royal.  And I NEED the that boos most days.

On the more real side of “Pippa” – it’s so fun that we now have amazing summer interns like Ty to help us unload our nail polish shipment that FINALLY arrived today and Gabrielle to get it out to our blogger girlfriends.  Leaving me more time in the evenings to focus on the Voice, which I love because it’s so anti-American Idol.  Hooray girlfriend encouragement and supportive comments.  And I love Christina in a bandage dress.

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