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Tuesday Tip: No More Yellow Nails

By Janehspark

In our parlors, we are often asked about whether yellow nails are a sign of a serious medical condition.  Although we are not doctors, we ARE experts in nail staining, and we know that often red nail polish leaves a yellow-ish stain on nails, especially if you don’t use base coat.  Of course, it’s a reality that MANY of you will skip base coat at home.  For light colors, you can get away with it (if you must!), but base coat is important to prevent dark reds, blues, and neons from staining your nails.  In a pinch, you an use top coat or a verly light color – it’s better than nothing at all.  Just make sure the first layer dries all the way through before applying your nail color.  For nail stains, we’ve found that professional cuticle softener is the best stain remover – if you are a DIY polisher, just drop by a salon and ask for a cottonball full of cuticle softener.

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