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Tuesday Tip: Match Your Nail Color to Your Ring

By Janehspark

Tuesday Tip:  Match your nail color to your ring

My Tuesday Tip this week is about the uplifting power of a beautiful ring.  I love wearing big, flashy cocktail rings all day, everyday.  And since my hands are the part of me I end up looking at the most (usuallly as they tap on my laptop keyboard), it’s nice to enjoy a flash of sparkle or color.

I’m also convinced that a bling-y ring can help improve the appearance of unwashed, flyaway hair, and bloating.

But recently I was blown away by my friend Tiffani’s aquamarine engagement ring, which looked so so beautiful with her Amy manicure.  I think she’s starting a trend – matching your manicure to your nail polish.  Especially if your ring is as gorgeous as Tiffani’s.

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