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Tuesday Tip: MacGyvering Myself Some Hair Conditioner

By Janehspark

Tuesday Tip:  MacGyvering myself some hair conditioner

My Tuesday Tip this week is a true story that happened to yours truly just last week.

I had a breakfast meeting last Thursday morning with a beauty editor from Marie Claire, an elegant, lithe  former professional ballet dancer who is also smart, insightful, funny and engaging.  You know.  One of those.

Anyway, that morning I woke up in my economy hotel room (that I was so proud of myself for finding through Expedia’s new “blind deals” hotel offers) to find that there was no conditioner.  NO CONDITIONER!   Just shampoo.

And ever since Leah my brilliant hair designer convinced me to go all ombre on my hair color, my blondish hair ends have taken on that frizzy feel that I had only read about in magazines heretofore. I have Asian hair, which is SUPPOSED to not frizz, unless you bleach it blond, I guess.  Now it is acting all blonde.

So no conditioner is a disaster.  Of proportions only to be rivaled by my lack of hair styling implements, on account of my dropping my curling iron in the toilet.  (Darn that “deal” of a hotel room with no counter space!).

But since I am the self-proclaimed MacGyver of beauty (for those of you old enough to remember the show or the SNL spoof based on the show), I looked in my purse and dug out my secret weapon.  My Julep Essential Cuticle Oil.   At first I tried to roller ball the cuticle oil into my hair, but since that took WAY too long, I had to pop out the roller ball to get more action.  (FYI It turns out our cuticle oil tastes just like it smells, in case you ever have occasion to bite the end of a cuticle oil roller ball).

So I heated the cuticle oil in a little plastic cup of water, rubbed copious amounts into my hair, and then
rinsed and shampooed (remembering the directions from when I used to use V05 Hot Oil treatments WAAAAY back when I used to watch MacGyver).  As a bonus, I rubbed what remained in my hands on my elbows, arms and legs for a lovely soft sheen.

A quick hotel wall-blow dryer blowout later, and I was ready for Nina Garcia herself.   Julep Essential Cuticle Oil.  Don’t leave home without it.

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