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Tuesday Tip: Exfoliate to Avoid Bumpy Skin and In-grown Hairs After Shaving

By Janehspark

Anyone who knows me know that I am addicted to exfoliation, perhaps as a result of my Korean upbringing being scrubbed to squeaky smoothness.  One of my favorite Julep estheticians always tells our parlor guess that exfoliating after waxing and shaving eliminates bumpy skin and ingrown hairs.  And she’s right!  Using a gentle sugar scrub, apricot seed scrub, or better yet, a scrub with BOTH a physical AND chemical exfoliant (like an enzyme or glycolic peel).  You will notice an immediate difference.  I especially love sugar scrubs with hydrating oil, to eliminate dry skin and seal in moisture.   The critical two-step to protect your body from the dryness of winter!


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