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Tuesday Tip: Did You Know Your Nails Peak at Age 20?

By Janehspark

Crazy but true, all of us who are on this side of 20 are past the prime of our nails.  Nail health, strength and growth starts to decline just as our emotional health, strength and growth begins to take shape.  By the time we hit 40 (which some of us did earlier this year), our nails grow at about half the rate they used to grow at our prime.  It doesn’t take a math degree to come to the conclusion that my nails are taking twice the washing, drying, wear and tear.

So they need double the love!  If your nails are weak and peel-y, using a great hydrating therapy with Vitamin E will make an immediate difference.  Our Julep Nail Therapy has changed everything.  My nails are no longer breaking and catching in every sweather and jacket I put on (because even though it is JUNE I am still wearing my winter gear in arctic Seattle).   While our Therapy provides the immediate fix, our peptide based Julep Nail Growth Revitalizing Serum works magic on really changing the way my nails grow from the inside out.  As a huge added plus, it works overnight miracles on ragged cuticles and hang nails.  If I have a big meeting or a photo session where I know my nails are going to be scrutinized, I always use our Serum the night before to make sure my hands are hang-nail free.  Yes, I love them more because I am proud of all the teamwork that went into developing these products.  But I’d really love them anyway because I love stuff that works.

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