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Tuesday Tip: Cuticle Oil for “White Nails”

By Janehspark

Tuesday Tip:  Cuticle Oil for “White Nails”

Tuesday Tip:  Women are often alarmed when they take off their nail polish because their nails have”turned white” (like the toe nail shown on the left here).  White stripes or lasting white marks may be the sign of something more serious, but often the whiteness is caused by the top layer of the nail being dehydrated.  A vitamin rich oil can replace the moisture stripped away by nail polish remover.  The normal looking toenail on the right looked exactly like the toenail on the left before my girlfriend used our Julep Essential Cuticle Oil on her toe.  Nails need rich hydration, and oils tend to penetrate into the nail better than just lotion.  Try this the next time your nail “turns white.”  (But if the whiteness is “inside” the nail or does not disappear with a rich oil, ask a medical professional for advice!).

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