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Tuesday Tip: Best Beauty Short-Cuts

By Janehspark

TUESDAY TIP:  I’m traveling this week, which always brings out my short-cut creativity. Here are two tips I’ve used myself in just the past 48 hours:

  • FRESHEN UP:  One of my favorite ways to freshen up during the middle of the day is to rub a little lip balm under my eyes. About mid-afternoon, my makeup starts to look cake-y and the more fragile under-eye skin starts to droop and look dehydrated. Hydrating that area with a little lip balm instantly adds a fresh, dewy look and plumps up the skin. You’ve GOT to try this – it will make a much bigger impact that you think.
  • BLACK SHARPIE = NEW SHOES:  As I was about to go into an investor meeting, I looked down and realized that my black shoes were pretty scuffed up – not the impression I was wanting to make. I borrowed a black Sharpie from the receptionist, and just minutes later PRESTO I had BRAND NEW (looking) black pumps.

What are your favorite beauty short-cuts?

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