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Tuesday Tip: Avoiding Sheet Prints on Your Manicure

By Janehspark

Tuesday Tip:  Avoiding sheet prints on your manicure

If  you love changing your nail color in front of a new episode of Happy Endings, there’s just not enough time for your nails to dry fully before hitting the sheets.  Because it’s sad to wake up to a beautiful polish effort ravaged by a night of battling sheets, hair, and other seemingly innocuous, soft looking things that somehow find a way to guage out your polish.

My evening trick is to dunk my fingers in ice water, then protect the polish with cuticle oil before I go to bed.  Sometimes I wait until morning to apply to top coat, so the polish layers are not so thinner and more likely to dry fully.   Also using a shimmer or glitter polish (see previous post) helps.

Tonight I polished my nails in Trina, a color we created in honor of the amazingly talented designer Trina Turk.  I forgot how much I love this aubergine.  I feel like I’m be-jeweled. 

Shine on!

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