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Tuesday Tidbits.

By Hpranitis @_thisandthat_
I accomplished quite a bit over the 3-day weekend.  How about you?  My accomplishments...  Yard sale, check.  Drop off at Goodwilll, check.  Laundry, check.  A trip to Michael's, check.  A few new books, check.  And most importantly, I finished 15-sets of cards or more.  I lost count after a certain point.  However, tonight's post is going to be short and sweet because I need to upload photos and "list" all of the items at my shop.  And probably share a post with the cards for all of you too.
Oh, and did I add that my DVR kept me very entertained while making cards.  I did see The Conspirator (rented it), Dexter (Season 5, disk 1), Love Happens (rented it), and The Debt (with Mom).  Oh, and I need to finish Blitz with Mr. Statham (Netflix streaming).  I'm very much looking forward to Dexter, Season 5, disk 2.
Note to self, always take a list with you to the grocery store.  Always.  In the last week I've gone at least 5 times to the grocery store and I have forgotten an item every single time.  And of course I've added plenty of items as well, a few extra unncessary but, yummy items.  Ahem, chocolate cake.  Normally, I always have a list.  Lately, I'm not quite sure what is my problem with that.
I spent an hour on the floor of my living room yesterday morning.  A little issue with my back.  I bent over to pick up a piece of ribbon and a double-whammy hello zinger ripped through my lower back.  So, I decided to just take a little break on the floor and hope that the pain subsided enough for me to actually sit up and then stand up.  And basically move.  Keep in mind it was early morning and my blinds were wide open so, that means all of my lovely neighbors walking by got a wonderful view.  Let me just say that I was really excited that my remote control was within reach so that I could change the channel.  This morning my back was a bit better but, really stiffened up as the day went on.  I've done this before to my back and I always realize that I'm in trouble after I move a "certain" way and "tweak" my back.  Good times.  The "tweak" actually started the middle of last week.  I'm very much looking forward to resuming my workout regime.
Lately, I've been a bit absent from ...this & that... a few "things" have been going on.  One of these days I'll divulge a little more.  Good things.
A special shout out to the Boston Rox!  Bern, the "bench coach" went on his very first road trip this week and headed to Quebec today for game 1 of the playoff series, they need to win 3 out 5 for round 2 of the playoffs.  GO ROX!
Have a wonderful evening!  And "cheers" to a 4-day work week and the kick-off of Sunday football (my sis and her hubby are having a fun, fun party).  My brother-in-law makes fabulous chili, looking forward to it.
Tuesday Tidbits.

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