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Tuesday Shoesday ~ Big Boots for Stomping Around in

By Cassiefairy @Cassiefairy

I wonder if you can remember all the way back to last autumn/winter when I was searching for a pair of winter boots? I spent hours searching for the perfect pair, because I only wanted to spend my money once, getting a pair that were knee-high, flat soled, black and good enough quality to last from year to year. I had a false start with a pair of boots from that looked good but cracked across the sole on the first frosty day of the year, so they were promptly returned for a refund. I then did find the most amazing pair of boots from Office and luckily they were in the sale, so I snapped them up and have worn them pretty much every day up til the sun came out in June. They are still my favorite boots and they are still going strong after hundreds of wears.

At the time that I was shopping for my winter boots, I spent many hours drooling over Doc Martens boots and desperately shopping online to find them at a price that I could afford. But I soon found out that they were way out of my budget and that, although I knew they were guaranteed to be comfortable, timeless and long-lasting, I just couldn’t afford them. I was delighted with my Office look-a-likes, that were actually a little more smart than DMs but I couldn’t shake off that desire to own a pair of airwear boots. So imagine my delight when I was browsing through the Oxfam online shop summer sale (in the shoe section, of course!) and I came across a pair of tall Doc Marten boots and in my size! “Add to cart”!

tuesday shoesday shoes from Oxfam fashion online shop summer sale black dr martin doc marten boots

I was almost ready to explode as I completed my purchase (which, due to the one-off nature of items on the Oxfam fashion online shop, is saved in your basket for only one hour) and I watched out for the postman everyday until my parcel finally arrived! And when they did, I was pleased to see that they were in nearly-new condition and couldn’t have possibly ever been worn outdoors, so I was even more pleased with my bargain hunting! Although it’s an unseasonal time of year to be buying big bulky boots, I am glad that I waited for the perfect pair of boots to come along so that I could have the boots of my dreams without breaking the bank and now I know I’ll have them forever. The Oxfam online shop is good for this kind of bargain-hunting all year round so I definitely recommend that you have a rummage for yourself!

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