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Tuesday's Tips & Tricks: Puzzles

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger
I'm re-launching "Tuesday's Tips & Tricks" where I'll share a tip or trick (thus the name!) with you. If you have a great tip, drop me a line at adgmommy(at)gmail(dot)com and you may be featured!
Today's tip:
The Puzzle Basket
Tuesday's Tips & Tricks: PuzzlesThis is a previously published tip worth repeating! If your preschooler loves puzzles as much as mine does, then this will prevent lost & mixed-up pieces.
Remove all of the pieces from the puzzle boards and put them into ziplock-type bags (1 per puzzle). When your child has finished with one puzzle, (have them) put the pieces back into the bag and both the board and pieces go back into the puzzle basket.  
For more advanced puzzles, simply snip the small picture of the puzzle and include that in the bag with the pieces.
Store all your puzzles in one accessible, yet tidy, spot!
As an added security measure, you can number your puzzles for easy sorting. This is beneficial when your toddler comes along and delightfully slides the puzzles off the table in a grand sweeping motion and mixes up all of the pieces... in front of the tearful eyes of his big sister.
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What quick tips and tricks to you have for storing your little one's puzzles or other toys with multiple pieces?

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