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Trying to Pick My Chicks

By Chelseajmartin

We’re preparing to place our spring chick order and it’s proving to be a real challenge.  Chris, my chicken-partner in crime, wanted to add a few more Ameraucanas hens to lay our beautiful and unique green eggs. We need to order 5 of each breed and must order a total of 15 birds in order to have them shipped.

We already have two roosters, and don’t want any more. We are considering raising our extra roosters, that we may end up with as a result of ordering chicks available only as a straight run, as meat birds.

I have been wishing we had a flock of white crested polish hens. Right now I have a bantam white crested polish named Miho. She is a super cool chicken and I think it would be AWESOME to have a few of her, but bigger, running around the yard.

White Crested Polish Hen

So, we’re ordering 5 Miho chickens… they come as a streight run so as many as 3 (roosters) could become meat chickens.

We’re still trying to make our final decision about our last 5 birds. I think we have it narrowed down between 2 breeds-

Buff Brahma: Buff Brahma Chickens are a gentle giants with feathered legs. The Buff Brahma Chickens are a mostly buff coloring but has black tail feathers and neck feathers have black in them. They lay nice brown eggs and are winter hardy. The Buff Brahma chicken is slow to mature but are gentle and make good mothers.

Buff Brahma Hen


Silver Laced Wyandotte: Admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1888.  Originated in New York State and is the parent variety of the all of the other Wyandottes.  The  Silver Laced Wyandotte chickens are a docile bird, clean legs, Mostly black laced silvery white feathers and black tail; Red rose comb, earlobes, and wattles. They will on occasion go broody and they make excellent mothers. They work well in confinement or free range.

Silver Laced Wyandotte

Can you help us decide? Wyandotte or Brahma?

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