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Trying To Be Mindful

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
Mindfulness is something I've looked into over the past couple of years.  It makes common sense that if you think positively, positive things happen to you but actually it goes WAY deeper than that. You ready for some weird 'imma blow your mind' shiz...?
Trying To Be Mindful
We've all had that creepy feeling where we get this weird feeling that the phone is going to ring and then it does a few seconds later. We've all had that feeling of "I'm pretty sure we'll see Emma tonight' - Low & behold Emma makes an appearance and we've all had that suspicion where we just know a 6 pack of donuts are going to be consumed that day... No? Just me? Don't lie!
Well, according to the 'Law of Attraction' and 'mindfulness' those things happened because you visualized them happening. (You're not the new Mystic Meg. What ever happened to her?).
When you put something into the Universe, the Universe delivers them to you. Have you ever heard the saying "if you walk like a looser you become a looser"? The saying is true, because if you behave a certain way you become a certain way. It's all complicated but go and type it up on Google.
I've been trying to be more mindful. So I am focusing more on what I am doing, where I aim to be, the people I love in my life and the things I want to achieve. Apart from anything else, it makes me happier to be more present and in the moment. When I think about the life I have, I feel so lucky and appreciative.
For a while, I was becoming one of those "glass is half empty" "grass is greener on the other side" kind of people. I had got myself into that funk of just going through the motions but now I genuinely feel positive and content.
Have you ever tried mindfulness? has anyone had any experiences from the Law Of Attraction? If you haven't looked at it go and look on Google. It Literally blows my mind.
H x

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