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Trying to Avoid the Eye Twitch

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
I hope I don't bore you with this post.  I am at a critical point though, and although I don't air much personal stuff out here, I feel I need too.  Life is super busy, good busy and crazy busy.  I am trying to find a balance between running a business and taking care of a family, and there are plenty of days when I feel like I am failing in one department and can't please everyone.  Bigger than that, I have struggled for eons with getting organized.  I am actually amazed at how much I can accomplish in my crazed ADD world, but it is usually at the expense of those around me.  My husband especially.
 I know I drive him bonkers with my piles, lists and lack of systems (not to mention freshly painted everything thanks to all my blog projects.) More on this later.
Something feels like it has to give.  So lets get real crazy...
Over the weekend we entertained the idea of moving. down the street. again.  1 Realtor + 1 Designer =  2 Nut Cases (It would be the 3rd move within the 400 meter red circle. We are SICK, I know.) Trying to avoid the eye twitch We actually lobbed an offer in last week on a cute house with lots of potential.  We had to decide by today if we were going to step up and play "highest and best".
  I know I said I am NOT moving again. As much as I don't want to upheave and experience the stress/ eye twitch of moving with kids like the last 3 times, there was something cathartic about starting fresh (and as my husband promised: NEW kitchen and baths. Ones I don't have to renovate with just paint.)
The new house would be a gut job. It needs everything, so it would be truly a clean slate.   We could make it our own.  Also, it would be a slight financial savings as well.   My husband is all about the numbers, I am all about the paint and tile.
And it would give me plenty to blog about.
 But this brings us back to my first sentence.   Life is super busy (I mean really busy- where I am starting to feel a bit like my tank is on E).  Can we actually pull off a move/ remodel with both of us running our own businesses, 2 kids that I already feel like I am neglecting, and having to get the current house toned down (goodbye squiggle walls) and staged to sell all in a matter of months?   Probably. We both do best under pressure.  But really.  Can we?
After 2 days of pros and cons, reno budgets and number crunching we decided to stay put. For now.
We are going to give "El Rancho" another shot at greatness.  But we both realize there is going to be a lot of compromising.  Moving for the sake of a clean organized slate or a new shower is just an illusion, a distraction from other stresses.
We could do that here.  Throw shit out. Renovate a bathroom.
 I realize a lot of my stress is from my disorganization and time management.  My work world has been much better since I moved into my new office upstairs.  The funny thing is there is still 75% of it downstairs in my old space.  I realize most of it is unnecessary crap I don't use, so yes I can get rid of things.  I need to now figure out how to do that with every other room in my house.  I need to actually figure out how to make those room work better, not just look pretty.  Less is more.
So, now for the hard part. Doing it.
I just want to know from anyone out there that is or has been in a similar situation- what is your advice? How do you run a business, take care of kids a husband and a house and take care of yourself? Especially when what I really want to do is take a nap.
Thanks for letting me vent.
Back to more pretty stuff that makes my brain tingle -in a good way, not a stroking out way-tomorrow.

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