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Trying out Malaysian Food at Perth’s Very First PappaRich

By Foodie Cravings @foodiecravings

We finally tried PappaRich a Sunday last month. My family had already been to PappaRich a couple of times and loved it. I knew it’d meet mine and burger boy’s expectations because my mum who cooks Malaysian food really well rates it.

Anyway on that Sunday, we were invited and booked in for 11am. I had requested to be booked into a quieter trading time as we had junior burger with us which meant we had a 2 hour window to eat before she woke up. Despite only opening their doors at 10:30am and it raining, we spotted a decent line at the front of PappaRich when we arrived. Fortunately, we were able to skip the line this one time as part of our invite. My family said it was a 15 minute wait last time they went around the same time and on a Friday night I hear it can be over an hour wait.

I didn’t read too much about PappaRich before dining there as I wanted to somewhat experience it as anyone else would just walking in. Once seated we waited awhile before asking for a menu as we weren’t given these on arrival, it took us another 5 minutes to work out that we had to write our selections on a form before buzzing for a staff to process our order. Efficient from PappaRich’s end but I did accidentally leave off the rending beef which burger boy wanted – it wasn’t until we finished our meals that he realised.

On a side note, when we went to Singapore earlier this year to celebrate my 30th birthday, I was tempted to change burger boy’s nickname to reflect all the satay sticks he ate :) Check out our Fav Singapore Eats post here. His fav satay sticks in Singapore were from Glutinous Bay.

PappaRich’s chicken and beef satay sticks ($13.90 for six) were OK, the meat was tender enough but it was the satay sauce which stood out. We liked the thick texture and sweet flavour…


burger boy also goes crazy for kaya. I had introduced it to him in Singapore so he was pretty excited by PappaRich’s extensive kaya menu.

It was this steamed mantou with kaya and butter ($4.90 for two) pic which inspired my mum to make her own…


Having kaya on toast ($4.90) was just as good, although I do miss paying under $2 for this in Singapore…


We also love our roti and tried PappaRich’s roti canai with curry chicken and roti telur on its own.

The roti canai with curry chicken ($12.90) was our fav…


The roti telur ($9.50) which is made with egg was a bit too thick in texture and eggy (excuse the non technical term) for my liking…


The garlic naan with curry chicken I thought tasted a bit like a fusion garlic bread ($11.90) and wouldn’t order this again, there’s better dishes on the menu to save tummy space for…


I loved the variety of creative drinks on offer at PappaRich. With our meals I had the Ribena Mania ($6.90) and burger boy had the Mango Mania ($6.90)…


It was awesome to find chunks of lychee jelly and watermelon throughout my drink.

For dessert I had this massive bowl of ABC Ice Kachang…


burger boy had the Banana Roti which was topped with vanilla ice cream ($9.50)…


I loved the food at PappaRich and would go back when the waiting times improve. As a couple we would have been happy to wait but with junior burger we only have a small window of time. Also a tip for my readers with young families, although our pram does fit in PappaRich it is pretty tight with staff walking pass with hot food all the time, I had a blanket clipped over the pram just in case.

The feedback I’ve heard from others about PappaRich is mixed. My mum’s group of very Asian friends weren’t fans, they thought there wasn’t enough meat served with the roti for the price. They would have been happy to dine in a less ambient setting for half the price. My family on the other hand loves PappaRich.

I usually go to Malaysian Hawkers in Cambridge Food Hall or Hawkers Delight for my Malaysian street food cravings. I find that PappaRich’s food is of the same quality so I am happy to pay a bit extra for the ambience and have the choice of ordering from a more comprehensive menu.

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