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Truth Serum: First Chapter

Posted on the 30 November 2012 by Nelle @ImSoJheanelle

You may wonder about the actions of these people that we call celebrities and may even question whether or not they have screws in all the right places. Well, I am convinced that most of them do not, and no one is being brutally honest about their attitudes as Public Relations specialists. In this day and age where news travel at the speed of tweets, a publicist has less time to filter messages and send out the respectable information to the public. Not to mention the paparazzi, they are everywhere; these celebrities have nowhere to seclude themselves from the world, not even in their own homes.I have watched many Barbara Walters or Piers Morganinterviews and there’s a common statement among celebrities, they proclaim, " I just want to live a normal life."Really? I don’t think they can handle “normal.” I picture “normal” as driving a Ford Focus and wearing shoes that cost less than $ 40. How can they expect “normal” when they appear in our homes on our televisions and movie theater screens? Truth Serum: First Chapter Lucy van Pelt, crabby cynical eight-year old fuss-budget, by cartoonist Charles Schulz in the syndicated comic strip Peanuts. Courtesy of PR professional Sally Saville Hodge, Hodge Media Strategies, Adventures in Communicating.
I urge you reader, to take this introduction as a disclaimer for the future posts on this blog, I intend to treat each current event or celebrity professionally.Let us be honest, some of these firms are definitely failing to handle their clients' needs, instead they act like cowards and distance themselves in order to protect their own.  I believe that once that contract is signed with the client, it should be approached with integrity and loyalty.  P.R. firms dropping clients in the middle of a contract is like Sprint discontinuing your mobile service in the middle of the month because you have exceeded the allotted minutes.             Ladies and gentlemen, it’s about time for us to show a little tough love for those who we admire or don’t. As an aspiring publicist in the entertainment and corporate sector, I will attempt to rectify or mitigate questionable actions made by those in pop culture and in business. By applying basic public relations techniques and instinctive common sense, this will provide assistance the clients' reputation.
Please do not mistake my harsh criticism for bitterness; this is certainly not the case.
I will attempt to answer this simple question, “What Would P.R. do?” 

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