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Trump Vs. McCain

Posted on the 21 July 2015 by Adask

[courtesy Google Images]

[courtesy Google Images]

From the beginning of Trump’s campaign (two weeks ago?), I though that the major danger was that the outspoken Trump would make a brash remark that was both outrageous and false and thereby expose himself as something of a buffoon.  Once he made that one stupid remark, the opposing candidates and mainstream news media would never let him or the public forget it.  His candidacy might be ruined.

Last week, when Trump first challenged Senator John McCain’s status as a Viet Nam war hero, my first reaction was “Oh, crap–Trump has already lost it and made that fatal, brash remark. He was doing so well with the illegal aliens–why’d he have to open a second front in his campaign by criticizing McCain?”

In fact, Trump’s statements about McCain were fairly mild.  As seen in the following video, Trump didn’t call McCain out.  He just made a couple of offhand remarks.  One of which–that McCain was a Viet Nam war “hero” only because he was captured–must’ve rumpled the feathers of other soldiers who’d also been captured in Viet Nam.  From a political perspective, although Trump’s comment about McCain was true, it was politically incorrect and not evidence of the sort of political genius we associate with Bill Clinton—which is probably good, but still . . . .

Anyway, here’s a 3 minute video of Trump’s comments on McCain:

I’ve never liked McCain.  He’s always rubbed me the wrong way.  I never had any evidence to justify my dislike–at least not until he ran for president against Obama in A.D. 2008 and he and the Republican Party failed to use any of the evidence that Obama wasn’t a native-born American eligible to be President. McCain didn’t lose the election; he gave it away.  By failing to raise the eligibility issue, both McCain and the leadership of the Republican Party impressed me as being complicit in a conspiracy to get non-American globalists elected to the White House to wreak havoc on this nation.

Even so, McCain is a political icon and Trump didn’t seem to show good judgment in bringing up McCain’s Viet Nam record.

However, today, for the first time, I saw the next video.  It was first published on YouTube in A.D. 2012 but may have been produced ten to thirty years earlier.  The video expresses a point of view that I wasn’t aware of:  some Viet Nam POW’s hate McCain, claim he received “special treatment” from the North Vietnamese, denied that he was ever tortured and claim he made nearly two dozen pro-North Viet Nam propaganda films.  If the claims are true, McCain was more traitor than hero.

More, McCain’s subsequent activities in Congress and the Senate on behalf of veterans seem more like betrayal than support.  If this next video is true, John McCain is more “Manchurian Candidate” than Viet Nam martyr.

It’s also interesting to see that John Kerry (our current Secretary of State) is linked to McCain in this video.  We seem to have self-serving, treasonous globalists at every level of government.

video  00:10:39

Apparently, Trump’s offhand comments on John McCain (and the mainstream media’s initial over-reaction)  may have inadvertently stirred up a nest of hornets that will only sting McCain.

I like that.

Without meaning to do so, Trump’s shoot-from-the-hip candor may have exposed McCain to some of the retribution that he’s avoided for most of forty years.

Hmph.  Some small measure of justice may be reaching McCain.  It’s almost like Bill Cosby, who–after years of raping women and clowning around as America’s favorite dad (Dr. Cliff Huxtable)–is finally being exposed for what he is.

How odd.  It’s almost as if the Good LORD is beginning to implement some semblance of justice in this world.

I won’t claim that’s true–at least, not yet.  But if there were some more public justice imposed on some other major American frauds (like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama), I’d have to admit that it looks like the Good LORD had finally had enough of the lies and was rousing Himself to act.

As for Trump, he’s still good to go.  I don’t necessary hope Trump will win.  But I sure hope the rest of them will lose.

Trump appears to be the first honest candidate we’ve had for President since Ron Paul.  The difference between them is that Paul had great ideas and a weak, whiny persona; Trump has good ideas with a strong, aggressive persona.

If he doesn’t say something really stupid, and if his hairpiece doesn’t blow off in public, Trump could win.

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