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Trump Has Tweeted Over 11,300 Times In Office

Posted on the 04 November 2019 by Jobsanger
Trump Has Tweeted Over 11,300 Times In Office Donald Trump doesn't communicate with the American people like other presidents. He only gives the press sporadic access to him when he has something to brag or complain about -- and his press secretary doesn't hold press briefings at all anymore.
Trump's mode of communication is Twitter. That way he can say what he wants without being questioned by the press (or anyone else).
Since taking office, he has tweeted over 11,300 times, and there is very little truth in any of those tweets.
The New York Times has reread all of those tweets -- and those designated to do that should receive hazardous duty pay (for the incredible amount of ignorance and lying they were subjected to).
The chart to the right shows what Trump has tweeted about. Most of the tweets were attacks on people or organizations that made him mad.
Note the tweets at the bottom of the chart. 16 times he has tweeted that he is everyone's favorite president. That shows that he lives in his own bubble of alternate reality. No respectable poll has shown at any time since he was sworn in that a majority liked him as a person, thought he was doing a good job, or considered him to be honest and trustworthy.
The truth is that Trump is a very unpopular person, and he has been unpopular since he was sworn into office. He is the least favorite president -- and 11,300 tweets could not change that.
For you masochists, you can go here for an in-depth look at Trump's tweeting.

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