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Trump Asks Ben Carson to Say Prayer Before Cabinet Meeting

Posted on the 21 December 2017 by Lowell

You may want to have a barf bag close by if you watch and listen to this hypocritical, nonsensical, prayer which is couched in praise of the scumbag, Trump, and pretends to give a damn about the country and its people.  Carson is heading up an agency he admits to knowing nothing about and that he wished would be disbanded.  He has in this situation proven once again that his religion is merely a cover for his own greed and need for power and prestige. 
For Carson to associate with Trump is to align himself with one of the worst human beings on the planet at the moment, a man who is a danger to the peace and prosperity of our country and the world, a man who has no understanding of the Christian religion or the Jesus it professes to preach.  These days, fundamentalist Christianity, of which Carson is a part, has become nothing more than a cover for the evil that humans would do.
And then Carson has the gall to conclude his pious paean to his pretend god by calling on the name of Jesus.  Hypocrisy abounds.  You just have to wonder what Mr. Kushner was thinking, even though Kushner is complicit in all the horrors that Trump and has dumped on our beloved country. 

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