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Trump and the Air Traffic Control System

Posted on the 05 June 2017 by Lowell

Trump and the Air Traffic Control System
The orange-headed monster now wants to "privatize" the air traffic control system.  You may remember when another president, mentally unstable, did away with the air traffic control union. That sent prices sky-rocketing, service went to pot, airlines merged, and the people have been suffering ever since.  His name was Reagan and he was not a good president so don't believe those Repugnicans who want to sanitize him and endow him with sainthood!
Why is Trump doing this?  First of all it's to take attention away from the Russia scandal which may blow him out of the water.  Secondly, follow the money.  We all know that Trump is probably the most ignorant and stupid man ever to sit in the Oval Office.  We know he knows nothing about the air traffic control system but is being fed a pile of crap from people who will make tons of money if his privatization plan takes effect.
So, who will benefit?  The airlines first of all.  And that's why the airlines are for it with the exception of Delta.  The others to benefit will be those who have an interest in getting the government off their back and letting them operate with less regulation.
What we should be doing is taking control of our own destiny.  The airlines should be run by the government!  And while we're on this topic, why should a few companies make billions/trillions of dollars from our natural resources? It seems to me that the government should own these businesses, which include all the natural oil and gas operations.  They government should rake in those profits, not a handful of private owners.
Trump can totally destroy this country within a few years if Congress allows him to do it.  Next it will be the Post Office.  The Congress has already stacked the deck against the post office by requiring it to put away enough funds to run the operation for many years ahead of time.  No other company or government operation has to do that.  And then Republicans in Congress whine about how the Post Office operates in the red.
Our schools are already in trouble with that evil witch, Devos, heading up the department of education.  She has lived her whole life with but one goal; to turn our education system private so that all of our schools promote fundamentalistic Christianity! That's her plan and she working hard at it as of this writing!  She starts with Charter Schools which are a complete con and are a direct threat to the public school system.  Study after study has shown them to be less effective than our public schools and to be a monumental drain on public school funds!
So, when Trump says let's privatize something, run the other way.  Do whatever you need to do to stop him.  It won't be good for the country in any way but will put more stress on an already ailing system.
Finally, remember that almost everything Donald Trump has done down through the years has led to bankruptcy and hurt thousands of people.  He is a failed businessman.  He has not created anything for a long time; but merely franchises his name, which god willing will be worth nothing in the near future!
And, by the way, although we  hope that Comey will say the right words and the chicken-hearted Repugnicans will be left with no other option but impeachment, remember that Pence is not much better.  He's not as crazy as Trump but his core beliefs are rotten to the core and will benefit the rich and create more problems for the middle-class and the poor.  The environment will continue to be threatened and are economy will go down the toilet.
It's a no-win, no-win situation.  Except for the fact that Trump is actually crazy and it's certain that whatever he does will hurt our country and its people.

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