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True Blue Baby I Love You

By Agnes

blue hat

When my friend ever so matter-of-factly announced that he was taking me out to what on certain offbeat days I call my favorite restaurant, proudly declaring the semi-frightening fact that he was going to wear a blue three piece suit with a hat (!) just for the occasion, I felt something I haven't felt in ages:  the willingness to play along.

true blue

Needless to say, I do not own anything remotely resembling a blue three-piece-suit, but in the end, rolling with the beat and wearing blue instead of feeling blue was beyond therapeutic. 

blue three piece

Never found the third piece [jacket]of this three-piece-suit. Also, I know I am no model so don't you dare judge me.

blue nails

Thank god for friends  [-you know who you are-]  I had an embarrassingly good time last night.


Have a great weekend everyone. 



p/s: Robyn, this is where I was while we were texting. Which reminds me, we haven't texted photos in ages... what's wrong with us?


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