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True Blood’s Favorite Lustful Moment

Posted on the 16 May 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

True Blood’s Favorite Lustful MomentIn tonight’s (Day 5) installment of my fangalicious Fang-A-Thon 2012 posts…I wanted to let those of you know (who don’t follow True Blood on Facebook), that True Blood is featuring polls to choose your favorite moments from past seasons!

The first poll they had was to choose your favorite True Blood Moment of Lust!

These were the choices;

True Blood’s Favorite Lustful Moment

When Sookie met Bill.

PUKE. I wouldn’t call this a moment of LUST, but whatever…

True Blood’s Favorite Lustful Moment

Sarah Newlin tempts Jason

This was somewhat tempting…in a creepy sort of way.

True Blood’s Favorite Lustful Moment

Sookie’s threesome dream

This dream was awesome when it was two, but as soon as the third person showed up…it went downhill fast. This was the most awkwardly uncomfortable threesome I’ve ever seen, not something I found lustful. Ever heard of three’s a crowd?

True Blood’s Favorite Lustful Moment

Eric seduces Talbot

Yes, this was kind of hot…in a male-on-male kind of way. (If that’s your kind of thing.) I really liked Talbot as a character, and seeing two hot naked men…YUM.

True Blood’s Favorite Lustful Moment

Jason fights his feelings for Jessica

Jason’s feelings for Jessica were brought on by Jessica’s blood when she saved him. There had been no inkling of feelings before this, so this was somewhat surprising. It was uncomfortable too, because I felt bad for Hoyt.

Last, but definitely not least…and not surprisingly to usEric and Sookie won with this lustful moment below!

True Blood’s Favorite Lustful Moment

Eric’s first Sookie fantasy

Yeah, they have the picture wrong. Instead of showing a picture of Eric’s first Sookie fantasy, they showed a pic from their first real kiss! But, whatever…I’m pleased to see the fans feel the same way as us!  I hope True Blood is paying attention to who all the fans are voting for and is wanting together as a couple! If not, they are really, really stupid.

As a reward, they shared this special edition sticker on GetGlue! When you watched True Blood and checked into the show, this is what you would receive on GetGlue!

True Blood’s Favorite Lustful Moment

GetGlue’s Thursday’s check-in sticker

If you’re interested in voting for True Blood’s Favorite Moment this week…they are featuring the most memorable death! The two we’re hoping will win are when “Talbot becomes a victim of Eric’s revenge” and “Godric’s death”. Cast your vote here! (Please note: you might have to be logged into Facebook to cast your vote.)

That’s it for this memorable Fang-A-Thon post! Check-in tomorrow – when I’ll be switching back to the books again!

Thoughts? Share ‘em below!

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