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True Blood Comic Con 2011 Panel

Posted on the 23 July 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers!

The True Blood cast appeared at the San Diego Comic Con 2011 earlier tonight!

Before their panel started, they showed a sneak peek at the rest of the season!

You can watch it below!
In the Coming Weeks: Sneak Peek

Here is the live blog of the True Blood panel:

5:18True Blood starts in about 10 min. It’s a madhouse as hundreds try to get seats in first few rows.

5:30 Here we go. Stage is set, and it’s a big panel.

5:36 Um…a little more waiting is fine. Right? I’m not in crotchety lineaggedon anger mode.

5:42 Tim Stack, from EW, out to moderate. Talking about various vampire shows and stories. TB has sex. “They’re probably having sex right now.”

5:46 Story so far clips, Eric gets huge reaction. Wow. Marnie means serious business. Floating around. Stoping vamps with her mind powers.

5:47 Sookie and Eric in bed together. Clip ends with Sookie lying on the ground bleeding.

5:48 Cast is coming out. Lots of “Wows” to the trailer shown for the rest of the season. Entire cast is getting enormous reactions. Anna in a bright red dress. I think Alan Ball got the biggest reaction…well, ok Eric did.

5:50 Anna talking about Sookie’s two sides. “And there’s the side where she’s having dirty vampire sex.”

5:52 Alexander Skarsgard asked about whether Eric forgets his shirts all the time too. Saying the outfit Sookie finds for him at her/his house was maybe Hoyts.

5:53 Alan Ball on the outfit: “You’ll wear dorky outfits for several episodes, and still be insanely hot.”

5:54 Stephen Moyer says Bill and Portia will see each other again. But it’s not a big thing on Bill’s mind with the witchy goings on.

5:56 Rutina Wesley asked about Tara’s new kickassness. Says she loves UFC. “Tara was kinda sideswiped, kinda overwhelmed, and kinda fell in love.”

5:58 Ryan Kwanten said he thought his ritualized rape would last another half ep. Says he loves drawing back the phsyical nature of Jason. “I think he actually likes being called Ghost Daddy.”

5:58″Face Off” joke by moderator with Kristen Bauer gets a groan. They’re happy to hear how gross fans thought her face deformation was.

6:00 Alan Ball asked about whether Eric will remember this time. “Yes, no, maybe.”

6:01 Is Arlene’s baby evil. And we will find out what’s up with the doll according to Ball.

6:01 “There will be a moment where Sookie and Eric are in the shower together.” May be weirder and dirtier than what’s in the book Alan Ball says.

6:04 Anna talking about being so short being an obstacle with the naked men scenes. Especially turning around to Alcide while Eric was in the water and trying to not have a direct look at his bidness.

6:07 Ryan asked about his character growing up. “This is his chance for the young boy to become a man.” A new sense of responsibility is good for Jason, and Ryan enjoys the acting challenge.

6:08 Alexander Skarsgard asked about why Erics voice was so low in season one, but has gotten higher. He agrees with the fan that maybe Eric’s becoming more human.

6:10 We will definitely see how Eric made Pam in season 5. But not this year.

6:11 Kristen Bauer gives props to a Starbuck costume. Alexander talking about how Eric and Pam are uncomfortable showing emotion and vulnerability. “She’s only vulnerable about her maker, Eric, and now losing her face.”

6:13 Random Zoolander 2 question to Alexander. He says it’s up to Ben Stiller, but he’d enjoy doing it.

6:15 Alan Ball asked about Eric’s memory return and how it happens, affects the political climate. Won’t reveal any details. “I think the vampires are going to stick together because they’re fighting a common enemy. And that enemy is Michelle Bachman.”

6:16 Panel asked whether Claudia’s death will heighten or diminish Sookie’s powers. Alan Ball says that those who’ve read the books know fairies are born in litters, and are identical. Very cryptic, especially with how free the show is with the source material.

6:18 Sookie can still read minds, we just don’t hear about it.

6:20 Nelsan asked about his appearance yesterday on the TV Guide panel. Why he was wearing a hat and sitting back. “I was nervous to hear what people was going to say to me when I came out.”

6:23 “Unless the writing is good, you can’t do it.” Stephen talking about how all the money in the world doesn’t matter without good writing. So damn true.

6:25 There will be a Hooligans type place with male and female strippers in season 5.

6:26 Ghost like things will make an appearance on the show. Demons will play a larger part later this season. Alan Ball says they’re looking at adding more supernatural beings in season 5.

6:28 Alex talking about the flashbacks and how great they are. Loved them too. Reminded me a bit of the Boxer Rebellion stuff in Buffy and Angel.

6:30 Alan Ball talking about how great it is to work on True Blood. He loved Six Feet Under. “We have fun.” The same depressing stuff is just more fun on TB

6:32 Kristen asked about how Eric would react if Pam were the one with her memory wiped. Alex: “He’s willing to meet the true death for his progeny.” Audience gave a big “Awwww” to that. Pam without her memory would love children, wear bad clothes, and bake cookies.

6:33 “I like you a lot…baby steps, baby steps. But there’s potential.” Alex telling a fan he may grow to love her, but it’ll take time. Amazingly charming.

6:35 Alan Ball likes deviating from the books because it keeps all fans on their toes. “We try to remain true to the spirit and world of the books.”

6:38 Actors talking about how they auditioned for the show. Alex sent in a tape. Nelsan thrusted his crotch at Alan. “Something you want to remember if you want to be an actress,” Ball quips to a groan.

6:41 Deborah Ann Woll speaking for the first time. Fans love her. She had to do her death and vampire rebirth scene. Ryan Kwanten was part of the first round of auditions.

6:43 Rutina Wesley talking about getting on the show, and fans are yelling out they love her. I think they’ve begun to redeem Tara in the fan’s eyes this season. There’s a great shot of Tara with a shotgun in the teaser trailer that got an enormous pop.

6:45 Stephen Moyer had been burglarized. After he got his kid to sleep with his teddy, Stephen got the call. He flew to LA the next day and met Anna for the first time.

6:47 Anna Paquin went through numerous readings. “I stalked Alan until he gave in.” Anna thankful that Alan was able to see beyond what’s on the page in the book and who she is.

6:50 And we’re done with True Blood at Comic Con 2011! Enjoy your evening, I certainly plan to.

Source: True Blood Panel Live Blog

WOW! There is a LOT to take in…

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