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By Latoya @latoyallawrence


Thursday, September 14, 2006 at 12:20 PM PDT

This past Monday when i caught a bus on my way home from work in long island it was crowded so i had to stand up along with a few other people.

I stood up in front as i always do when i don’t get a seat right away. So when a seat did become available for me to get i had competition.

A girl who already had a seat before i got on the bus attempted to head for the same seat that i was going to take but i beat her to it. And she was really pissed off about it.

You see, she wanted to sit next to her friend in the two-seater that was across from the middle three-seater she had sat in. I wanted to sit where i wanted to sit and not squeezed up in between two other people so i rightfully got in her way and rapidly hopped my behind down.

This girl’s friend who i sat beside uttered, “she got that seat”. And the girl got even madder then she herself uttered, “what a bitch”. Her friend came out and told her that her comment was uncalled for.

I laughed at the girl inside. She tickled me. So she had to go sit back across in the three-seater of the bus and continue reading the book that she was reading.

After a little while passed she put her book away and took out a cell phone. She called someone up to talk at and about me so i could hear it and be provoked.

The friend sitting beside me wasn’t aware of what was going on since her face was also buried in a book and her ears were listening to a pair of headphones. I didn’t play into this girl’s game as i didn’t really pay her too much attention.

But i will tell the things i did hear as my mind is alert. She told whoever was on the other end of the line, “This ugly bitch took my seat. I was getting ready to beat her ass but i’m grown”.

And I didn’t feel any reason to respond to her nonsense. The word bitch doesn’t bother me, and when i look in the mirror i am one of the cutest things that i’ve ever seen so why should i feed into those insults.

When the girl saw i kept quiet, not even turning to look at her she went on. She responded to the person who she was talking to. “Yeah she can hear me, i’m talking loud enough right across from her. It ain’t nothing but a show”.

Then she repeated, “I’ll beat her ass but i’m grown so i’ll leave it alone right now. She’s some high school girl with a pair of Payless shoes on”.

Now number one, i don’t front for nothing and nobody.

Number two, if she was going to fight me she should have grabbed me up out of the seat right at the beginning.

She’s very stupid because you don’t sit up in front of someone talking about what you were going to do or what you will do to them-you just do it.

She gave me a head start.

Number three, she gave me a compliment by calling me a high school girl, the fool didn’t even realize that i’m older than she is-like in my thirties! I’ve seen her before and if she really believes that she is grown acting the way that she was then she needs a whole lot of growing up to do.

In my opinion, people like her are sickos.

She is nowhere near my level. I’m much too above that bullshit. There are people all over the world like her who unnecessarily try to be big and when you ignore them it makes them even madder.

Most of the time the best thing is to walk away from their crap because they’ll never “get it” mentally. If they put their hands on you then it’s a whole different story.

I’m not and have never been afraid of nobody so i’ll continue to hold my own no matter what anybody says or does.

All of the shit that she talked didn’t make me get up out of my seat so what was her point?

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