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Trolling for Vegans

By Chuck Underwood @brandnewvegan

tofu meme

I saw this on several of my friends Facebook pages this morning.  I guess they were ‘Trolling for Vegans” as they popped another beer and fired up their smoker.

I’m sure they think it’s cute, as did the other 46,000 people who ‘liked it’, and 86,000 people who ‘shared’ it.

And I’m sure with this being Memorial Day weekend, they did indeed grill some meat.  Which is sad really, because one of my friends has already had a heart attack with stents inserted, and is barely 40 yrs old.

Benefits of Grilling Meat?

I’m sorry, but grilled “factory farmed” animal of choice, with all it’s pain and torture, not to mention antibiotics, growth hormones, and god knows how many other chemicals does not even sounds good to me anymore.

And what exactly do they get for that chunk of grilled meat?  I mean besides satisfying some primal urge to cook over a fire, or indulging their taste buds…

Well, protein of course, and some trace amounts of vitamins and minerals, including iron and vitamin B12.  But they also get large amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat, both well-known for increasing your chance of clogging your arteries and getting heart disease.

Is it worth getting your chest cut open so they can graft a new artery to bypass the old clogged one?  Just because you like meat?  I’ve seen the scars of bypass surgery, and they are horrific.  Let’s not forget the amount of time you will be off work, and the pain and suffering you will feel.  And the cost?  $70,000 ?  $100,000?  $200,000?

I’ve read where 60% of all people who claim bankruptcy, are broke from medical bills.

The Extreme Vegan Diet

Does this sound extreme to you?  It sure does to me.

And even more bizarre is the amount of people who will go through this procedure, and make absolutely no change to their lifestyle or eating habits.

Yep, next Memorial Day they’ll be right back on the grill, smoking up another piece of dead meat, while popping a few extra pills – just to be safe.


But mention a vegan diet?


Oh hell no!  Are you crazy?  I could never eat tofu.  Animals were put here on earth for us to eat you know, it says so in the bible.  Hey, plants have feeling too.  You have to have protein.  Dr Oz says…..   

And my all time personal favorite answer to any Vegan debate…..


I’m sorry Vegan Trolls, bait not taken.    

The Good News

The good news to me is seeing the explosion of Brand New Vegans, on my site and on others.

More and more people are watching Forks over Knives, and making the smart decision of trying a Whole Foods, Plant Based, Vegan Diet.

There are Vegan Facebook groups with membership in the thousands.  There are Plant-Based Groups, Starch-Based Groups, McDougall based, Esselstyn based.  And they are all growing.

And Pinterest?  Look up Vegan Recipes on Pinterest and see how many boards there are.

Yep, sorry meat eaters.  Our numbers are growing and your childish taunts mean nothing.

So enjoy your little laugh, and your Memorial Day grilling, but next year when even more people ask for veggie burgers or carrot dogs?

Well then you’ll know why.

Healthy is catching on.

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