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Trish’s 2019 Spotify Top 100

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

Spotify is rocking it on social media right now.

Search #SpotifyWrapped on any platform, and you'll find millions of results.

There's always controversy over streaming music. I use streaming as a way to check out bands that submit music to for our New Music Spotlight posts, to complement revenue for music I've purchased either digitally or physically, and I feel like it has a valid place as a listening option.

Top Artists

Let's get started with my top five artists. I was a little surprised at my number one artist. At 38 hours, Backstreet Boys take the top spot. Never underestimate the power of a great boy band, and the power of a live performance to keep the music fresh in your playlist.

Trish’s 2019 Spotify Top 100

BSB was closely followed by Jonas Brothers. There's no doubt in my mind that these two albums hit the top of the list because of the quality of the albums. Coming in at 14 tracks, Happiness Begins grabbed my attention, and kept it throughout the year. Having two pop artists at the top of the list is a first for me.

Moving on to artists three, four and five, The Glorious Sons, Arkells, and X Ambassadors finish out the top five with solid rock performances.

Trish’s 2019 Spotify Top 100

Discovery, Listening Time, Decade Stats

Discovery is a huge reason why I love Spotify. 536 new artists, thanks to Spotify. I'm not sure how anyone can argue with that. If I find an artist through Spotify that I like, it leads to, at the very least purchase of digital content. At it's very best it includes physical purchases, ideally from an artist's show, ticket money, merch money, and digital streams. Win, win, win.

My total listening time for 2019 is 21,162 or 14.695833 days. That number is down slightly from last year which saw 31,184 minutes. I'm guessing that's because I've spent more time listening to vinyl this year. My four year total (four years of Spotify Premium) is 89,791 minutes or 62.3548611 days.

Note: This is nowhere near Joshua's total of 243,459 for the five year period of 2014-2019.

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Genres & Origins

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Trish's Spotify 2019 Top Songs

My top 100 offers up 18 artists (DNCE and Nick Jonas were given their own entries, as they should). In alphabetical order:

Below, I'm offering up my Top 100 Spotify Playlist for your listening pleasure.

Trish’s 2019 Spotify Top 100

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