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By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
We started OT day before yesterday. I now have several tools at home to help us succeed. I wanted to share some pictures and info. Since I do not have a lot of experience nor intelligence in this area yet I thought some copy and pasting would be more helpful along with some links. Here is what we are doing right now..........
We have special headphones for Zac. He wares these twice a day for 30 minutes. He isn't exactly fond of these but if he is busy doing something else he don't worry with them so much. They still allow him to hear me while straightening his ears. To me it sounds like a radio station coming in and out. A little screeching and scratching too but, not real loud.
Secondly,  they taught me a brushing technique that could be used for both boys. A lady in our support group first introduced this to me and I find it extremely helpful. Zackary LOVES this. right now our instructions are every two hours, which is impossible but we do it every time we have a spare 10 minutes along with joint compressions.
And last we were sent home with a Compression Vest for Eli.
Eli enjoyed his vest, although he is not sure why just yet. He ask to sleep in it last night however that is not recommended. I am told a good substitute for that would be a weighted blanket. One was offered to me at OT however it was made from a flannel material and Eli would never go for that! Also many are weighted with rice or beans which would mold. Once again I was informed at out support group meeting that one weighted with river rock would not mold and could be washed. And what do ya know.........I have a link for that as well.

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