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Tricking Traffic RADARS

Posted on the 06 April 2014 by Hadi20 @hadi_frht
Who among us hasn't got a speeding ticket because of  speed ​​Radars that are everywhere. Some hackers have developed an extraordinary solution! You only have to tape a piece of paper over the registration plate and write an SQL injection on it.
Tricking traffic RADARS

But what is a SQL injection? It is a technique that alters existing SQL commands to overwrite values ​or execute commands to expose hidden data. In this case, a little trick to defeat speed radars on our roads.
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How does it work? Current speed radars operate through character recognition algorithms allowing them to recognize your vehicule registration number.  With a paper taped over the licence plate, it would be impossible for them recognize it.
But here's the fun part, if an SQL injection managed to work, it could very well, for example, delete the database from the police servers.
Source : Gizmodo

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