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Treviso Comic Book Festival

Posted on the 06 September 2020 by Matteofarinella
Treviso Comic Book Festival

It was a real pleasure to draw the poster for this year edition of the Treviso Comic Book Festival, happening later this month with events happening both in Treviso and online.
This is the first major Italian comic festival in this pandemic year, so the news that it was happening at all was a great relief. Also, the fact that most of the events are going to be online means that for the first time in years I will be able to ‘attend’ as well, and other international cartoonists will have a chance to discover some amazing Italian artists.
It’s a bittersweet victory and of course I hope festivals are going to return ‘in-person’ soon. There is nothing like coming together for a big festival a few of times a year, especially in a solitary profession like comics. For me in particular this commission meant a lot because even if I’m somewhat use to be an ‘expat’ of the Italian comic scene, I still have many friends there and this is going to be the longest time I have ever been away from my home country (I was there last in October 2019 for yet another festival). I’m very lucky to have a job that I can do remotely, and I was able to shelter at home in these months, but it hasn’t always been easy…


A quick note on the illustration: TCBF asked me for one of my more ‘ornate’ illustrations so I decided to draw some white blood cells fighting coronavirus, inspired by Gothic stone carvings, gargoyles and other apotropaic decorations. I think science communication has a lot to learn from these magic traditions, especially in these times in which science totally dominates our lives (not in a good way) and it should offer comfort, not just data.
Anyway, I really like these characters and I hope to do more with them, if I will ever find the time (see sketch below).

Stay safe folks and I hope we’ll soon meet at some festival or other!

Treviso Comic Book FestivalEarlier sketch of gothic immune cells.

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